There are over 750 Gypsy Fortune Tellers in the police database. Is your Gypsy Psychic on the list?

Victim Stories

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Victim sums up the emotional pain of the scam

Let me just say that my story is no different from the previous ones. We have all been scammed out of money. Everything that was said has been said before. However, I would like to address the emotional trauma that victims have to face afterwards. The pain and suffering lasts for a long time. There seems to be no restitution for that! Aside from losing money, an individual confides all their personal business and pours out their heart to these so-called “spiritual friends.” They con you into believing that they are “there for you” but as soon as they realize you are not forking over any more money for “The work” they drop you like a cold potato. You are left feeling abandoned and lonely as you begin to realize that you meant absolutely nothing to this person…

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Mrs. Rita (Tempe, AZ)

Readings by Mrs. Rita
115 W. University Dr.
Tempe, Arizona 85281

Mrs. Rita I would have to say is the biggest joke I have ever encountered. I sat through 30 minutes of her just basically rambling to kill time. She had the nerve to try to make me pay $300 to rid me of some “negative” energy. I lost $65 in the whole deal, but have every intention of telling everyone I know about her slick ways. She is sneaky and coniving.

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An email received FROM a Gypsy con, admitting it’s a scam received some “fan mail” from the fortune telling parlor at 1275 State Route 23, in Wayne, New Jersey, where the Gypsy con who wrote to us actually ADMITS that Gypsy fortune tellers are scamming people. Read it all here, in their own (poorly spelled) words…

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Ann Taylor (AKA Helen Johns)

4201 S. 108th St.
Greenfield, Wisconsin 53228

I talked to [someone in the know] about “Ann Taylor” and found out that Ms. Johns is widely known for her scamming ways. One poor woman, according to my source, was giving Ms. Johns her jewelry because she had no money and also cleaning Ms. John’s house! If that poor woman had no money to afford jewelry, I’d be willing to guess that the jewelry she gave away consisted of family heirlooms! Oi Vey! And my source called what Ms. Johns was doing a “Gypsy scam”; you can imagine [my surprise] when I typed “Gypsy scams” into a search engine and your site with a picture of Ms Johns’s house was the first thing that was listed!…

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Jill Hill & Morgan Star (AKA Jennifer Hart)

7985 Briarbridge Rd
Dallas, Texas 75258
Jill: 214-229-3218
Morgan Star: 214-484-9444, 214-469-5616

Hi My name is Kesha Monyette Ford, Iam 20 years and from Atlanta, GA. I have been through a lot this pass year, now let me tell you about this phony psychic i met, her nmae is Jill hill and her address is 7985 briarbridge rd Dallas TX, 75258 and her phone number is 214-229-3218 when i first called her she seemed nice, she told me that i have alot of jealousy,evil,and bad luck around me and she said it needs to be resolved and she told that she can get it done for 150 to send to get it resolve in two hours, and i told i did not have $150 at this point, so she asked me if there is anyway i can borrow money from someone, and i said no, so the next day i recieved a credit card in the mail with the credit limit of $250. So i get the $150 to send to her through money gram and she got. And about the next day early in the morning she called me and told me that she need $500 because there was someone who had put a curse on my mother’s side family and she said that it has been in the family for 40 years so i borrowed $500 hundred dollars from a friend and i sent it to her, so she did her meditating and the next i called her she didnt awnser the phone all day long so i called her the next following day and she finally awnsered the phone and said she needed another $500 for the other side of the family which is my father’s side to get rid of the curse, so i was like are you serious? I told her i don’t have that kind of money right now, and i explained to her to give me two weeks to get the money up to send to her…

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Sylvia (Psychic Readings) & Theresa (Spiritual Energy Readings)

53 Bromfield St.
Boston, Massachusetts 02108

All my life, I never had a good relationship with my mother. The physical and emotional abuse continued on for many years to come. However, I thought I go see a psychic to help me solve my problems. After my first experience with a psychic named Sylvia (Psychic Readings, Mass Ave, MA), I discovered she was a phony when she stopped calling me and gave me a non-working cell phone number. Mind you, she said she would help me get rid of this “curse” (that supposedly my mother passed on to me) if I give her $500 to buy the “supplies”. I said that would be fine, but I would have to do it little by little since I was a high school student only working part-time and making minimum wage. I gave her $100, she gave me the first set of directions and I completed that part. After that, I never heard back from her ever again, and it wasn’t until this past summer when I kept calling her house and finally ended up talking to her mother about this whole situation. I said “listen, your daughter, whom I have not spoken to in almost 6 months, has not called me back and gave me no updates on my “work”, I don’t think it’s fair to give her a $100 and see no results of this, I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!). She rambled off on the phone saying “oh, that’s how we work with our clients, we work spiritually we them!, and I’m sorry we cannot give you that money back because we used it to buy the materials we needed in order to the work for you”…

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Readings By Marie Hayes

(Marie Hayes, Ann Johns, Pete Johns)
3835 N. Western
Chicago, Illinois 60657

My story is similar to so many others out there. I went in to see this “psychic” on my own when I was in a very vulnerable period and seeking answers. She said I had a lot of “negative energy” surrounding me, and asked whether I had ever had a “spiritual cleansing”. Later she said the “negative energy” was so strong that she had to bring her mother into the “Work”. Then Ann Johns, her mother, who is actually her mother-in-law, got involved. She said she’d find out whatever this negative energy is, and a couple sessions later they told me it was a “curse” that had been put on my family and that was the cause of all my problems. I was skeptical and frightened that they were conning me as I now found myself allegedly “sacrificing” thousands and thousands of dollars (my life savings), but they also gave me so much hope that I felt euphoric about the future. I wanted to talk to someone about it but they always insisted on absolute secrecy, or it would interfere with “the work” so I was afraid to discuss it with anyone…

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Nancy Ringo (Nancy Marks)

European Psychic
927 4th Avenue
San Diego, California 92101

Hello, just in case it might help someone else, I would like to make people aware of some more criminal gypsy fortune-tellers. I was unlucky enough to be taken for more than 50,000 dollars by a gypsy who goes by the name Nancy Ringo or Nancy Marks… and her gypsy family. They are located in San Diego, California…

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Tina Mitchell, Nina Miller/Tammy Miller (Pyramid Astrology)

(Nina/Tammy is possibly the mother in law of Tina and owner of Pyramid Astrology)
233 Eddie Dowling Hwy
North Smithfield, Rhode Island 02895

I am writing this in the hopes that it will not only help someone else before they get scammed for as much as my husband did (about $180,000), but also that someone may contact me who got scammed by this same person to help the case we are trying to put together against her.

I am writing this in the hopes that it will not only help someone else before they get scammed for as much as my husband did (about $180,000), but also that someone may contact me who got scammed by this same person to help the case we are trying to put together against her. Everything I read on this website describes what my husband went through. I found this website out of desperation to help him believe that what he was finally telling me (after he started to tell her he wanted his money back and for this to be over) was not true and that her alleged headaches were not from the supposed “evil” she was encountering everytime she tried to touch the “box” of money. We believe she is a drug addict because my husband followed up on a hospital stay of hers, and lo and behold there she was getting morphine in her veins, supposedly for headaches she told my husband…

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Mrs. Rita (Readings by Mrs. Rita)

115 W. University Dr.
Tempe, Arizona 85281

At this time I do not care to re-live the entire story. Your story was pretty much a duplicate of what happened to me and I am LIVID right now.

My Scam Artist was Mrs. Rita in Tempe AZ, and she took me for about $200. The last time I saw her was when I left Phoenix and Moved to San Diego. I called her in complete desperation for answers and she told me to come to a different location that the normal house on Mill Ave. I ended up accross town in a VERY LARGE elaborate house!!!! She told me I had been ‘held’ back from my happiness by something that happened in a past life of mine and that for $300 she could lift the ‘darkness’. I RAN LIKE HELL out of there and I am glad to see this site. I will make sure to forward it to my co-workers that I unwillingly took to see her as well!!!! I want my money back!!

Thanks so much!!

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Charley, Sister Susan, Rev. Sister Faye

Baltimore, Maryland

I have read several of your stories on the website and I actually have been to almost “ALL” the readers in the Baltimore, Md vicinity and “Charley on M St. and they are SCAMMERS!! I was going through something mentally and I actually trusted them to tell me the truth about how I would be better I just needed to get rid of this “negative energy”, but of course they needed more money every dam time I went and eventually it hit me…….I’m not feeling any better I’m only getting poorer!! Sister Susan , Sister Faye, ALL OF THEM are FRAUDS and take advantage of you!!! It has been a couple years now so I urge anyone NOT to go to anyof those readers they will stop returning your calls and you can’t find them, they say they’re on a “retreat” yeah right, on a conference on how to swindle you out of your money!!!! The minute you stop paying they become M.I.A!!! Do not return your phone calls, out to lunch, every excuse you can think of when you are trying to avoid a bill collector, that’s what they are doing to you!!! I am so glad I was able to gradually look at myself and realize I was making a FOOL out of myself and giving them all my money!! Now I’m in a situation where I am trying to get myself together financial so who ever reads this PLEASE DO NOT give your money to these con-artist!!! They sound convincing but they are full of SH**!!!! SORRY!! I hope this helps someone else from my horror stories!!! DO NOT BELIEVE THEM!!!!! If they are so sure of what they are saying , why won’t they will tell you for FREE!!!!!

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Mother Paula (daughters “Erica” and “Victoria”)

7237 S. Westnedge Avenue
Portage, Michigan

About 10 years ago, I went to see a “Spiritual Advisor” named Mother Paula in Portage, Michigan. The address of her “business” is 7237 S. Westnedge Avenue, Portage, MI. The spiritual advisors I talked to were her daughters and occasionally I would talk to “the mama” (that’s what they called her) herself. I was in a bad place in my life and was desperate to find a solution to my chronic depression and overall bad luck. The young women I spoke with, one was named Erica and the other was Victoria, told me that I had a lot of darkness in my aura and that they could pray for me and get rid of it if I gave them some money so they could buy these expensive candles. I think they said they were from Canada or something (!) and were very top of the line, premium candles of some sort. So I would give them money, usually at least $200 per visit, and they would tell me how their work on me was going. They gave me a red ribbon to tie around my left wrist to protect me from any more “darkness” that might prey upon me in my daily life …

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Psychic Rose Mitchell or Rose Michaels and her daughter-in-law, Lisa Mitchell or Lisa Blake

1088 River Road
Edgewater, New Jersey 07020

Let’s just say that the stories posted on GPS are all similar to mine. I visited their home four or five years ago when a relationship went sour to get a reading and they said I had negativity all around me and my chakras were closed. They would lift my negativity, clear my chakras and improve my love life but this ‘work’ would cost me $300. I was desperate to improve my love life so I gave them the money and continued to visit them for the next couple of years believing my lovelife would change for the better. My lovelife has not changed for the better. Five years later, I am still single, unemployed and have not met anyone since I’ve visited them!

I learned the hard way that Psychics are not answer to lifes’ problems. Please heed this warning before making the decision to go spend your hard-earned money on these psychic vampires!

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Roseanne Stanley

71st Street
Forest Hills, Queens, New York

Thank you for your website and sharing your personal story/experience. I went through almost the exact same thing from the year 2000-2002 (also to “heal” myself/my romantic life and to try to get someone back who I really thought I wanted and thought I was in-love with), and then the effects of the brainwashing lasted for another 2 years…

…There are so many other comparisons I can make between your story and mine (except that mine lasted for 2 years and I spent a total of $20,000.00). For example, she was young, with young children who didn’t seem to be doing well or fitting in well at school. She spoke a mysterious language. Her husband was a “car salesman”, she had a church that she went to where other people like her went to meditate in the middle of the night, a “superior” at the church who she consulted with, not so great grammar, a dark look to her, etc. Plus, the amount of money I had to give her kept growing: It was $25.00 for the first visit. In that visit she said she’d help me heal for no charge, that she wasn’t doing this for money. Soon she had to by candles and crystals for me which cost maybe around $200.00 one time, $300.00 another time (I don’t remember exactly). Then, she said she had to go on a trip to Florida to meditate and pray for me there (she said Florida was close to where the “negativity” hung out, so she could release it better if she was closer to it. Over the course of a year and a half, she went on about 3 trips to Florida to “help me heal”. One time it cost me $3,000.00, one time $6,000.00, and one time $11,000.00. She said it cost so much because she had to purchase very expensive things to meditate on for me, and also because there was this “healer” named “Sam” that was “her friend” who could assist her in helping me heal and get rid of any remaining negativity that I “had”. His cost was $6,000.00 because, according to her, he had had skin cancer on his nose before, and it was dangerous for him to go in the sun in Florida…

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Sheila (formerly “Madison”)

Psychic Readings by Sheila
1015 N. Clark St.
Chicago, Illinois
312-475-9701 or 9401?

I stopped into a Psychic reading shop in Chicago for fun and became the prey. I was asked to provide $160 for materials. I wanted to believe this was real so badly that I put up the money. My psychic said that I was a special rare case that connected to her and that she would not be charging me anything for her work, what she would get out of it was the spiritual growth experience and that if she asked me for money God would know, insisting that real psychics operate under these guidelines.

After many phone calls back and forth, rituals and purifications baths and a lot of weird coincidences that made me a believer, it was revealed to my psychic that the evil energy is circulating through my money. I was asked to place $1 for each year of my age in a box along with a couple of other items. After a week, it was revealed that $1 only represented 1% of the strength and that $100 bills needed to be placed face up mixed every other bill with the $1 bills…