There are over 750 Gypsy Fortune Tellers in the police database. Is your Gypsy Psychic on the list?

What about all the Christian/religious stuff in their homes? All of their talk about God and Jesus and goodness?

The fact that these con artists play upon a victim’s personal faith and end up brainwashing them into believing the Gypsy is really doing spiritual work is perhaps one of the most inexcusable, disgusting things one human being can do to another.

But because according to police, the typical Gypsy fortune telling storefront takes in an average of $250,000 per year, and because Gypsies are culturally conditioned since childhood to not feel bad about conning gadje (the Gypsy word for Americans or nonGypsies, translated to mean “the great unwashed”) out of money, it’s worth it for a Gypsy to go to all that trouble of putting on a religious act. They’re good at it, and they’ve grown up watching their mothers, aunts and older sisters doing the same. It’s a way of life for them and it’s the only culture they know. They grow up in a closed society that they spend their lives obeying so that they can belong. That’s why they go to such great lengths to stay distant from the rest of the world they live in.

Gypsy cons pride themselves on being able to con “stupid gadje” out of their money. It shows their prowess as a “fortune teller” if they can do it and get away with it.

Also, Gypsies have superstitious beliefs — mostly cultural rules rather than true spiritual beliefs — that refer somewhat to common Christian themes. But in actuality they have nothing to do with being Christian in the sense that we understand it. It’s more just that they’re often superstitious themselves, so they’re comfortable talking about religious things even though most of their victims know a lot more about Christianity than they really do, despite the fact that Gypsies are taught passages from the bible — as part of their training to run the fortune telling scam.

Another reason is that Gypsies know their victims. Who better to prey on than those who already believe in God and may believe in darkness? Religious and faithful people do half of the Gypsies’ work for them. All the Gypsy has to do is capitalize on that, to make a big show that they’re working for God.

Incidentally, the “church” they constantly tell you they have to go to so that they can work on your “case” is, according to detectives who specialize in Gypsy confidence crime, actually the Gypsy women getting together to share their stories of who they’ve conned, relate how it’s going, and to brag about how much they’ve stolen from you. Also, it’s where they can compare notes in case you get fed up with one Gypsy, but still in a trance from their manipulation and believing that you need a “spiritualist’s” help, decide to visit another one in your area. If you seek the help of a different parlor in your area, the chances are likely that the new parlor is operated by a relative of the current Gypsy con scamming you, as the Gypsy crime families carve out territories similar to the mob. Consequently, the same family is still conning you, and the new Gypsy fortune teller knows all about you before you walk through the door, making her job that much easier, and that crime family still gets to take more money from you.