There are over 750 Gypsy Fortune Tellers in the police database. Is your Gypsy Psychic on the list?

Helene La Marr Astrology & Consulting

Helene La Marr Astrology & Consulting
6400 W. 87th Place
Oak Lawn, Illinois

Helene La Marr (AKA Helen Lamar, Helen Lamarr, Helene Lamarr, Helen Cannon, Helen Johns)
Criminal connections: Helen is the wife of Rick Cannon; the sister of Inez Johns (aka Inez Ashley, aka Ashley Stevens) of Illinois and Nancy Johns of Maryland. Helen is also the sister of the late Stanley Johns and the sister-in-law of his widow Helen Johns (aka Ann Taylor Psychic) of Greenfield, Wisconsin. Both Helen Cannon and Rick Cannon have had numerous legal actions taken against them over the years. And Helen may have been on the run from the law back in the Spring/Summer of 1997.
Ann Taylor (AKA Helen Johns)
I talked to [someone in the know] about "Ann Taylor" and found out that Ms. Johns is widely known for her scamming ways. One poor woman, according to my source, was giving Ms. Johns her jewelry because she had no money and also cleaning Ms. John's house! If that poor woman had no money to afford jewelry, I'd be willing to guess that the jewelry she gave away consisted of family heirlooms! Oi Vey! And my source called what Ms. Johns was doing a "Gypsy scam"; you can imagine [my surprise] when I typed "Gypsy scams" into a search engine and your site with a picture of Ms Johns's house was the first thing that was listed!......(continued)
Ann Reed
I gave this woman $300.00 for crap. She thought I was gay! I also saw Ann Reed's picture in Dorina Johns little psychic area in her apartment. A connection, I think so because after I gave away my $300.00 she (Ann Reed) asked for $900.00. (I am connecting the dots with your expericences of the Johns family) I have seen most of the psychic's on your Illinois listing......(continued)
Psychic Sara AKA Sandra AKA Wrozka Sara (Chicago, IL)
...The next day I was going to get a special message from her, but…I found her on your webpage. I typed her telephone number in Google and I got link to the Psychic/Curandera-Diana Johns. Looks like she has opened a new location at: 4764 W. Belmont, Chicago IL 60641. She also uses second telephone number 773-202-4160 and name SARA. So I was stupid because I wasted $140, but thanks to you nothing else. Well I don’t know what was the message from SARA, but I can suspect after reading all those victims’ stories on your site......(continued)